Trifles by Susan Glaspell

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Read and watch the video of Susan Glaspell’s dramatic presentation entitled “Trifles.

“In your initial post, respond to three (3) of the following questions.  Then respond to the posts of two of your peers.  Remember, this is not a summary of what you have read.  It is your opportunity to share your thoughts about the writing. You must have all three components to fulfill the requirements of this assignment, or the assignment will be incomplete. There is no partial credit for incomplete discussion posts.  

Read Trifles and watch the film adaptation.

Question set  # 2  The question of ethics arises in regards to the way the men and the women approach the crime. Compare the approach of the townsmen to Minnie Wright to that of the townswomen who accompany the men on their search for evidence of the crime. What drives the women to make the choice they make?

Question set  # 3  Minnie Wright never appears in the story, but we learn much about her motives and traits from the other characters. What are the motives that possibly compelled Minnie Write to kill her husband? How do we come to know them during the course of the story?

Question set  # 4What causes the men to overlook the evidence found by the women in the play? Why would Glaspell set up the story in this way? In other words, what is her point for having the men fail in their tasks where the women succeed? What is the relationship of the characters involved in the action of the play to the Wright family? What do they reveal to us about the Wrights?

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Title: Trifles by Susan Glaspell

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