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Project #1 maps to the following SOCY 100 learning outcomes (course objectives):

· apply the sociological imagination, theoretical perspectives, and scientific research to uncover patterns of social behavior.

· identify the different ways society is stratified and develop awareness of how inequality is perpetuated in society.

· describe the process of social change and its impact on the individual and society.

Select an article that interests you at Everyday Sociology”> . Note that you can choose any article on the blog. There is an “archives” tab on the website that you can click, and then you can search by topic or by month of publication.

Write a short summary of the article (150-200 words), as well as a short commentary (200-300 words) on it. In your commentary, please address the following:

a. Is this article sociological? Why or why not?

b. Which of the three sociological perspectives (functionalism, conflict theory, symbolic interactionism) could best be applied to understand the phenomenon described in the article? How would you use this theoretical approach to explain this phenomenon?

b. Is this article based on research? If so, what type of research method from our text most closely matches the method used?

c. Is the information in this article insightful? To what extent does it contribute to understanding society, and why?

Your paper should be at least 350 words, not including your reference list. You must cite your sources and include a reference list of the sources you used in APA style. You can review the guidelines for citing sources in APA style” title=””> . You will need these guidelines for your article and commentary.

Grading Rubric for Project #1 (based on a possible total of 12 Points):

Superior — meets or exceeds expectations

Developing, but needs work

Undeveloped — shows some effort, but needs significant improvement

Does not meet the criterion to any degree

Expressing meaningful content

Student addresses allparts of the assignment in way that sheds light on the issue beyond repeating the course material. (3 points).

Student thoroughly addresses most but not all parts of the assignment (2 points).

Student does not address parts of the assignment in a way that directly answers the questions (1 points.

Paper does not match any of the criteria outlined in the Project Description (0 points).

Incorporating sociological theories and concepts

Student clearly, accurately, and meaningfully incorporates sociological theories/concepts into the paper, as assigned, in a way that demonstrates a high level of understanding the theory (3 points).

Student includes an adequate number of sociological theories and/or concepts per the assignment, but their discussion and application needs more development (2 points).

Student incorporates relatively few concepts/theories, and they are just mentioned, with little explanation or development (1 point).

Student does not incorporate sociological concepts/theories into the paper, as assigned (0 points).

Providing a clear presentation of the information

Document has correct grammar, well-organized paragraphs, and very few or no spelling or grammatical errors (3 points).

Document is mostly organized, but may have some gaps in logic and/or has more than a few multiple grammatical and/or spelling errors (2 points).

Document has confusing or weak organization and/or has numerous grammatical/spelling errors (1 point).

Document has no clear organization and many errors (0 points).

Incorporating sources and correctly formatting citations and reference list in APA style.

Paper incorporates relevant sources. All sources are cited and references listed in close-to-perfect APA style; paper is at least 350 words, not including reference list (3 points).

Sources are cited and a reference list is included, but elements of the APA format are missing; paper is at least 350 words not including the reference list (2 points).

Much of the citation information for the sources is missing and/or the reference list is missing (1 point)

There are no citations in the paper. (0 points)

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