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Total marks for this assignment are 800.

50 marks will depend on language and

50 marks will depend on the proposal promising RESEARCH, not just a
“bright idea”. Read”>advice.

80 marks will depend on the title and abstract. The
abstract must clearly outline the project, not just the background.

Of the 200 marks for the introduction and background, the majority
will be given for a clear statement of what the project actually consists of –
so do not write mountains on the ‘Why’ because the ‘What’ counts for much more.

180 marks will be given for the methodology and timeline
what experiments or studies will you make, what measurements will you make and

120 marks will be given for analysis and conclusions.
What method will you use to analyse your readings?
How will you interpret the anaysis to make your conclusions?

80 marks will be given to the bibliography – how well have you
‘read around’ you subject to find out what is new?
Do your references make it easy to find the paper they refer to? Are they
in the Harvard style? Are they cited in the text?
Are your references ‘respectable’? Any references to pages such as
wikipedia, howstuffworks and other ‘hobby’ pages can lose marks.

40 marks will depend on the consideration of safety issues and
any other requirements such as ethics clearance, as they relate to YOU when
performing your project.

And remember that plagiarism, adding material
copied from any other source without making it clear that it is not your own,
will lead to failure. That includes images from the web, if their caption
does not contain the URL of their source.

Devise a topic most closely
aligned with your studies and abilities – whether real or imagined. In
your proposal concentrate on the ‘agenda’ – what you are going to do – rather
than any advice or ideas (such as “we could all save energy by riding

The background can address the
need for the research, but the main thrust should be previous work that has
already been done on your topic. The aim of the research will be to reach
some sort of conclusion, maybe “would it work” but more generally
“what is the effect of”. Remember that this conclusion will not
be known until you have completed the research! Beware of jumping to
conclusions with “This will show that.”

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