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1. Watch the 20-minute short film “ “Plastic Bag.” Click here to read a transcript.

Source: Futures Stes. Plastic Bag by Ramin Bahrani. Retrieved from

As you watch, evaluate how the film demonstrates elements from at least two other units in this course. For example, are there mythic elements? How are images used as art? What is the story and can you relate to it? Does the film offer a moral dilemma? How does music function in the film? How are happiness or freedom addressed?

In your response, address the “Plastic Bag” film, and connect the Unit 8 Janaro course text reading material. The reply should explain how the unit concepts are presented in the film and what we can learn from the analysis of film via other Humanities fields. Be specific with your examples of 2 Humanities topics and Unit 8 reading material connections; include APA formatting (citations and references).

2. You have been hired as a film critic. Choose a movie you have seen that either reinforces stereotypes about groups of people, or works to break down those stereotypes. For example, what is the film’s portrayal of soldiers, nurses, minority groups, or members of certain religions? You do not need to discuss these groups, but use this as a list to get you thinking. Take a critical view and discuss what evidence is presented that leads us to conclusions about one group of people in the film. It may be helpful to refer to “A Word on Critical Viewing” at the end of this week’s reading.

Your response to the topic should include the following:

Identify the film; include a brief review of this movie, including a summary of the plot and discussion of the treatment of groups in the film
Provide an assessment of the overall message/intent of the film.
Incorporate a star rating for the film, ranging from 1 to 5 stars (with 1 meaning “Do not watch this film” and 5 meaning the film is “strongly recommended). In your response, provide the reader a clear understanding of your point, the connections to the presentation of stereotypes, and what you believe they communicate. Explain why you have rated this film with the star rating you selected.
In your post, provide a link for information about the film you have chosen such as the Internet Movie Database, where your classmates can read more about the film. Connect the Unit 8 reading material via APA formatting (citations and references).

Source: Internet Movie Database. Retrieved from:

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Title: watch-the-20-minute-short-film-plastic-bag-click-here-to-read-a-transcript

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