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Frontline’s League of Denial

Watch the Frontline documentary titled League of Denial. As you
watch the film, listen for the overriding premise of the argument. What are the
documentarians out to prove? In otherwords, what is their argument concerning football and concussions?

1. As you watch
and absorb the information, note how the filmmakers go about constructing their
argument. What specific examples do they offer
viewers as a way to persuade us that their argument is logical,
rational, based on data?

2. Choose 2
areas of the documentary that really caught your attention and write a short
response revealing why these areas made an impact on you.

3. Look at the
visual rhetoric offered. Did any
particular image sway you, persuade you, cause you to move in one direction
more than another for or against the argument?

4. In a short
essay, respond to the argument presented in the documentary. Personal comments
are encouraged, specific personal examples are encouraged as well.

5. If you
played football or currently have children who are at an age to play football
would you allow them to do so even after viewing the documentary?

your responses in a clearly composed essay of about 600 words. Write in

Written American
English and use conventional punctuation and capitalization.

7. When you
make a personal statement of opinion you must use a specific image, section of
the documentary or words, phrases, sentences or several lines of dialogue to
support your thoughts. In other words, you must say that you feel the way you
do in response to information presented to you in the documentary. Be sure to
refer to the filmmaker, the narrator or any of the professionals by name and
position held.

8. Essays
must be typed in 12 point font, double spaced and have your name, Eng 100, the
date, my name and the name of the assignment, League of Denial.


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