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All of your proposed sources appear to be books. This is not allowed. You must find peer-reviewed articles from academic journals.

Turn in the Annotated Bibliography. See inside the folder for a link to submit your paper.

Research Paper Requirements

General Requirements:

  1. Please submit your research proposals via the appropriate Assignment link. (No emails)!
  1. Your work should be saved in a Microsoft Word Document. Use Times Roman, 12 Font.

  1. Please name your document file names using the following convention: Last name, First Initial, Title of Assignment.
  1. The paper should be double-spaced and formatted using APA style. The paper should be at least 8 – 10 pages in length.

Research Paper – Final Guidelines

  1. Your paper should be organized and structured as follows:
    1. Provide an Introduction to the issue. You should have at least one well-developed paragraph that describes theissue and its relevance to the supervisor. Use a Heading that labels this section as “Introduction”.

    1. The second section should be the Literature Review. Use a Heading that labels this section as “LiteratureReview”. In this section you should provide a narrative of the relevant information that you discoveredspecifically about your issue from the articles that you read. NOTE: A literature review is not simply a summary of each article. Rather, it is an integrated discussion of the relevant points that you found in the articles as they relate to your issue. CAUTION: There is no room for your opinion or perspective in this section. Because it is a literature review, you should have a citation for every point that youdiscuss.
    1. The third section is the Conclusions/Recommendations section. Use a Heading that labels this section as “Conclusions/Recommendations”. The purpose of this section is to come to some conclusion about the issuethat you identify in the Introduction. It should draw from information that you’ve discovered throughout theliterature review process. In some cases, you might be able to “extrapolate” this information into some specific recommendations.
  1. You should follow APA style in your paper presentation. In short, you need a correctly formatted title page, an abstract, a reference page. You should carefully format your in-text citations. If you do not have an APA manual, you need to get access to one. You can also go online and purchase software that helps with this formatting. However, I personally have never used this software so I cannot attest to its ease of use or accuracy. I like the manual best.


By Week 3, develop a proposal for the Research Paper to include the following:

· Identify a topic, concept or theory that is discussed in the MGNT 3339 text.

· Relate this topic, concept or theory to a contemporary management issue that concerns the supervisor.

· Propose a preliminary literature review by providing a beginning bibliography with at least three references from the scholarly literature. (Note: The objective of the literature review is to explore the findings of other scholars relative to the management theory / issue.)

· The Research Proposal due in Week 3 should include the following (formatted by underlined subheadings as follows):

o Topic: (Include a brief discussion of the general topic.)

o Issue: (Include a brief discussion of the issue as it pertains to management or the supervisor.)

o Literature Review: (List at least 3 of the scholarly articles that you have found related to your topic or issue. NOTE: You should not use books, but rather should go through the online library to find peer-reviewed articles that are published in academic journals.)

o Remember that you need at least 6 articles for the final paper. You may use additional articles from the popular press, but I want you to find at least 6 scholarly articles. This is something you must learn to do in Higher Ed.

By Week 7, expand the literature review proposal to include at least 6 references. Review the articles and provide an annotated bibliography** as the deliverable to the professor. Follow the format used in the Week 3 Proposal. Basically, you should add the final bibliography with the annotations.

By Week 9, complete the Final Research Paper which includes the following components:

Introduction: Discuss a contemporary management issue that concerns the supervisor and relate this issue to a topic, conceptor theory that is discussed in the MGNT 3339 text.

Literature Review: Provide a review of relevant literature by discussing from the literature search the findings that arerelated to the management issue / theory identified.

Conclusions / Recommendations: Generalize / summarize the findings and/or make recommendations for the supervisor relative to themanagement issue.


“An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books, articles, and documents. Each citation is followed by a brief (usually about 150 words) descriptive and evaluative paragraph, the annotation. The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited” (.library.cornell.edu/”>http://www.library.cornell.edu).

(The Annotated Bibliography entries should include a brief paragraph that summarizes the content. In other words, is the article about a study that was done on a particular issue; is it a literature review; or what? I’m looking for information that would give me an idea of what the article is about.)

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