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Week 4 Individual Report (15%):

1. Deliverable:Prepare an individual report describing your pricing/distribution channel strategies for the Suave & Rugged’s cosmetic that you analyzed in Week 3. Explain your product pricing objective and strategy, as well as the optimal channel configuration, and describe the best approach for reaching your customer (retail, online, direct sales, distributors….etc.).

2. Purpose & Process:This assignment is designed to give you an insight into the factors associated with a pricing strategy. Pricing objectives must be consistent with other marketing- related objectives(positioning, branding, etc.), as well as with the firm’s overall objectives (including financial objectives) for doing business.it enables you to select your pricing objective based on estimated demand, cost, comparison with competitors’ prices etc. The assignment also requires selecting the optimum distribution channel. Utilization of traditional channels with e-commerce marketing channels is an essential aspect of modern marketing and should be kept in mind while framing the report.

3. Format:The paper should 8 pages long, with one inch margins, using Times New Roman 12-point font and 1.5 line spacing, written in Word or rtf. The cover page, appendix, and reference list are NOT part of the page count. An Executive Summary is not needed for this assignment. Also, all reference-citations, within the text and in the reference list, should abide by the APA format.

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