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Question 1: What questions would you ask to understand the human
factors involved in the new project

The questions to
be asked for understanding the human factors involved in the new project are as

1. How many full time billable
employees and how many part time employees would be working in the project?

2. What would be the ratio of
engineers to technicians in this project?

3. What is the view of the team
with regards to this project? Is it an optimistic project that seems to be
completed on the timeline or is the timeline too hard to achieve with regards
to this project.

4. What is the hierarchy and
structure of people working in the team? At each level, what are the reporting

Question 2: What would you do in order to prepare yourself for the
face-to-face meeting

interview with key individuals of the team is highly important as it would send
my first impression to the team and I need to make sure that the team gets a
positive outlook out of this meeting. Firstly, I would study thoroughly on the
proposed project. This would include studying the kind of installation required
for the project, the site and layout plans, kind of resources required and the
history of the clients and suppliers we would be dealing with. Understanding
the project is highly important before going into the face-to-face interview
with the counterparts and high understanding would ensure that they get the
positive outlook of the meeting. Understanding the culture, structure and
hierarchy of the team that I would be working with would also be important
before face-to-face interview. It would make sure that I am well informed about
the team even before meeting them face-to face.

Question 3: Which individuals from within the team would you invite to
the meeting and why? Would you focus on meeting your team only or would you
meet other individuals and organizational units to know them better before the
project begins

meeting would constitute the head of departments of each of the engineering,
technician as well as construction department. To be on the same page in the
meeting, I need to make sure that meeting consists of limited individuals and
all of us have a healthy discussion. Also, meeting with head of departments of
each of the teams would make sure that I am working in right direction to get
the essence of the team and well as the project prior to its start. It will
also help me understand the structural hierarchy in the project and get be
acquitted to the reporting managers of each of the teams. Meeting them I would
also understand the view of the employees in each of their departments and
their outlook on the project. Apart from meeting the team, I would also like to
meet the other stakeholders of the project. The priority would be on meeting the
suppliers as well as any clients that might be involved. It is always best to
have good terms with the suppliers and clients throughout the project for
seamless flow and I feel it would be highly good opportunity to meet them,
introduce myself to them and start a health business relationship.

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