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Where are we going in public health? Where should we be going? Leaders need to be the champion of managing the tension between current reality and the ideals towards which an organization aims.

This week you will begin to work with your team on the group project. You will discuss how to successfully lead change in the area of a particular public health issue.

As a group, choose a chronic disease/health issue that presents challenges to public health. Suggestions include: obesity, smoking, substance abuse, childhood asthma, HIV/STDs, heart disease, cancers, diabetes, poor pregnancy outcomes, environmental issues (such as lead), poor physical activity, or violence (domestic, guns, or gangs).

Then discuss the following issues as they pertain to this particular chronic issue. It is not necessary that you discuss these in this sequence, but you will need to include all of these areas in your final paper. Do a literature search, as needed, for additional information on this issue.

I am responsible for these questions

  1. Describe the ethical implications or concerns of your team’s public health change model. ( gun violence)

    • Individual

    • Organizational/group/institutional

    • Community

  • Summarize the basic ethical principles and theories that are applicable here. Identify the skills and resources a leader would need to bring about the proposed changes in your model in an ethical way.

2.Set the metrics by which you would measure progress and success when addressing this public health issue. (gun violence)

  • What is the relationship between ROI and evaluation?

  • How would you measure ROI for your group’s particular program or endeavor? What are the metrics you would set by which to measure progress and success? Justify your choices.

  • What other business skills would be important for a leader to demonstrate in leading this proposed change? Explain your views.

3.Describe how you would ideally address any ambiguity and uncertainty arising from the leadership challenges of this change effort.


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Title: where-are-we-going-in-public-health-where-should-we-be-going

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