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Why is Agility important? Do the benefits of Agility outweigh the cons? Please describe why or why not in detail.

This is my original post,

Agility is important because it helps in having good control on the body without wasting time in transition. It improves the quality of the movement with better balance. It increases the ability of the individual to control reactions and with the aging it also increases. Agility is important in sports because it makes the player efficient and effective. More the agility in an individual better will be the chances of success. In business, agility enables the improvement in skills of the individual such that he is able to work in any environment and culture. An agile learner has more chances of growth as compared to non agile ones. Such people try to learn from a diverse experience and can perform in any of the unfamiliar situations. Moreover, the person who is culturally agile takes interest in working with any individual and explore the world. Such people have a high level of civility and are anxious to learn about the pros and cons of different cultures.

In the current scenario, in order to survive the individuals need to be agile with the help of which they can easily adjust in diverse team’s and amongst diverse people. Agility makes the person competent to work in any environment and culture. Agile people are the individuals who learn from experiences which may create problems sometimes in a team, as such people do not prefer to work on some other’s guidelines. The advantages of agility are more which overrides the cons.

But he stated that, “However, in this discussion we are using agility in a business context. In other words, why is it important for businesses to be flexible, adaptable, etc. Can you consider this and repost?”

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Title: why-is-agility-important-do-the-benefits-of-agility-outweigh-the-cons

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