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Motivation is very important. With that said, it is often said that criminal justice employees are unmotivated. Comment on this assertion and discuss possible ways in which the motivational levels of criminal justice workers can be raised. In addition, examine what you believe to be the role of criminal justice managers in the motivation of subordinates.

In addition to your main post, be sure to post a minimum of one follow up post. Response to other students: must be substantive, not “I agree” or “I disagree,” but add value to the discussion postings. Response must include at least one question to help move the conversation along. Response must be original.

Please be sure to fully develop your response content, grammar/spell check your posts before submitting, and properly quote and cite any direct content. Be sure to always cite your references. Your posts will be graded not only on quantity, but quality as well. The content should reflect an understanding of the topic discussed, so be sure to put on your critical thinking caps!

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Title: with-that-said-it-is-often-said-that-criminal-justice-employees-are

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