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The upcoming written assignment actually asks you to create a Communications Strategy for a KM Initiative. What does this mean?As a practitioner, you must be able to create and communicate a compelling awareness of a need for effective knowledge management in an organization. For this assignment, you will create a research-based communication strategy for an upcoming knowledge management initiative. This assignment requires that at least two additional scholarly research sources related to this topic, and at least one in-text citation from each source be included.


Write a paper of 1,250-1,500 words that presents a research-based communication strategy to facilitate buy-in and create awareness in the company about the impending knowledge management initiative. Include the following in your paper:

A brief description of the strategy.

A research-based rationale for the strategy.

A discussion of how to overcome the potential barriers to the strategy.

A plan for measuring the short-term success of the strategy.

A research-based communication strategy for an upcoming knowledge management initiative will consist of a number of specific sections that you need to research. You also have create a scenario that describes your hypothetical case in enough detail by describing:

• industry type,

• organization type and size—number of employees, managers and executive involved in the initiative,

• hypothetical location,

• geographical dispersion, (local, national, international)

• a strategic level ROI (Return on Investment), payback analysis, or cost/benefit analysis.

DO NOT create a generic strategy document for a KM initiative. The instructions are specific: you are to create a Communications Strategy for a KM initiative.

If I were embarking upon this assignment, I would search in Google and Google Scholar for Sample/Example Project/Corporate Communications Strategy documents so you can discern what is the normal structure of a Communications Strategy when embarking upon an initiative. The PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) might be another place to look.

Three key decisions in designing a communication strategy relate to the:

1) audience,

2) appeal, and

3) channel

through which information reaches the intended audience.

The Section Headers should be setup as outlined in the instructions:

• Communications Strategy Description (A brief description of the strategy).

• Communications Strategy Rationale (A research-based rationale for the strategy).

• Potential Barriers to the Communications Strategy (A discussion of how to overcome the potential barriers to the strategy).

• Short-Term Evaluation of Success (An action plan for measuring the short-term success of the strategy through specific metrics over a specific period of time-–qualitative and quantitative metrics).

Since this KM Communications Strategy will emulate an actual strategy, do not forget to include useful Introduction (purpose/thesis/Exec Summary) and Conclusion sections.

Here are some citations that may contain guidance:

• Mei, Y. M., Lee, S. T., & Al-Hawamdeh, S. (2004). Formulating a communication strategy for effective knowledge sharing. Journal of Information Science, 30(1), 12-22.

• Raub, S., & Von Wittich, D. (2004). Implementing Knowledge Management: Three Strategies for Effective CKOs. European Management Journal, 22(6), 714-724.

However, you will need to cite more than these two references for your paper to receive a good grade. These two sources are not the only articles/book chapters written about KM Project Communications Strategies.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to raise them in either the Individual Forum or Questions to Instructor Forum before a response to your question is too late. I am looking for punctuality on this essay, so the deadline is very important this time.

Also, I am unable to offer a REDO, (since this is the 3rd essay, and your writing styles—with the rich feedback already provided—should have matured, if improvement was needed). I would recommend getting a colleague or friend to read it over before the essay is submitted. Each of you should be striving for a complete A on this assignment.

This essay will be one of the most significant essays for many of you. You have learned a lot about KM and IC. Let’s use this exercise to demonstrate your acquired understanding with some specifics. Do not make the essay so general it could apply to anything. Be sure to write a KM-Centric Communications Strategy for a hypothetical case.

Other citations that may prove valuable.

Examples of Communication Strategies (some for KM initiatives):

Garforth, C., Khatiwada, Y., & Campbell, D. (2003, September). Communication research to support knowledge interventions in agricultural development: Case studies from Eritrea and Uganda. In Paper presented at the Development Studies Association Conference (Vol. 10, p. 12).


Varner, I. I. (2000). The theoretical foundation for intercultural business communication: A conceptual model. Journal of Business Communication, 37(1), 39-57.

Online GCU library

O’Sullivan, G.A., Yonkler, J.A., Morgan, W., and Merritt, A.P. (March 2003). A Field Guide to Designing a Health Communication Strategy, Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health/Center for Communication Programs.


Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) (Nov. 2013). Communication and Dissemination Strategies to Facilitate the Use of Health-Related Evidence: Executive Summary. Evidence Report/ Technology Assessment Number 213.


United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). (February 2005). Strategic Communication- For Behaviour and Social Change in South Asia. Kathmandu, Nepal: UNICEF.

[Look for CUBE Model]


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After you’ve completed this week’s assigned reading, watch the video below. You can utilize the video and outside sources to answer the


Title: write-a-paper-of-1250-1500-words-that-presents-a-research-based-communication

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