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This assessment asks you to write an essay on the topic of brand loyalty. The essay question is:

Is the use of rewards and loyalty cards an effective way to build brand loyalty?In your essay you need to examine the affect of brand loyalty on the consumers’ purchase and product involvement and their decision-making process.Preparing for your essayYou need to do research using relevant academic and industry sources and prepare an argument.Below are some steps to help you gather the relevant information and prepare your essay.Step 1: Develop an understanding the marketplace and the current rewards systemIn an attempt to win the “supermarket war”, Coles has recently introduced a revised loyalty rewards systems.Please go online and review the details of the reward system on the Coles website and review the case study story called “Has Coles got revamped flybuys right?”See website link to B &T Magazine on Interact site
In addition to these sources, you need to understand the situation in the market place- so it is a good idea to search for other media stories related to loyalty programs in other supermarkets.Step 2: Theory about brand loyalty and the decision-making stagesYou need to include theory in your essay, so in addition to the text book, you need to find some academic journal articles. Please use the followingtwoarticles:Bridson, K., Evans, J., and Hickman, M., (2008), Assessing the relationship between loyalty program attributes, store satisfaction and store loyalty,Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Vol. 15, pp 364-374Quester, P., Lim, A. L., (2003), Product involvement/brand loyalty: is there a link?Journal of Product and Brand Management, Vol. 12 (1) pp 22-38and then findtwomore academic journal articles to use (for a total of at least 4 articles). If you cannot find any relevant articles, please ask for help.Using these sources you need to define and describe the theoretical concepts of:

  • Purchase and product involvement,
  • Brand loyalty and
  • The entire consumer decision-making process (every stage).

Once you have found some useful sources, read your articles are then using a table format, create a mind map of the sources.In your table include the way each source has defined and described the concept. This kind of preparation can make writing the essay much easier as you will have all the information together, you can also easily see if the ideas from the sources are the same or different.

NB: An example of the table mind plan is in your interact site

Step 3: Putting the market and theory information togetherNow, you need to be able to connect the industry information about loyalty programs with the theory you have read from the academic sources.You need to use the Coles reward program and other supermarket programs as examples to illustrate your points.As part of your application section identify the strengths and weakness of Coles’ plan and does it match with theory?Step 4: Writing the essayOnce you have all your research ideas from academic and industry sources you can begin to structure you assessment. You need to create an argument in an essay and remember to answer the actual question. You can use the criterion reference grid below as a guide.

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Title: writing-brand-loyalty-is-an-outcome-of-repeat-purchase

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