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Gregory L. Jackson

Dr. Rhondra O. Willis

EBM 502 Research Methods (Graduate-Level)

19 January 2016

.docx#_msocom_1″>[RW1]Obesity Among America’s Youth

I. Introduction – Obesity among
our youth is a growing phenomenon that has changed the dynamics of our youth
programs by leaps and bounds. Due to the
alarming rates that our youth are enlarging, the United States Government is
now making attempts to intervene. In
California and in New York, legislation has been drafted to keep sodas, sports
drinks, energy drinks, and caffeine out of their schools. Our Nation’s First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama,
has championed the cause, and has instituted the “Let’s Move Initiative”,
asking that our elected officials draft changes to make our communities.docx#_msocom_2″>[RW2]healthier.

Background for Study – Based on nationwide media coverage from CNN to Dr.
Phil, our youth sports programs, from
Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Golf, American Youth are beginning to bulge
more than our youth from the 70’s and 80’s.
The noticeable increases in weight factors directly contributes to the
rising cost of medical insurance, as well as the high rise in doctors’ visits
for weight related symptoms. .docx#_msocom_3″>[RW3]

Purpose of this Study – To give notice.docx#_msocom_4″>[RW4]to the escalations of weight in
America’s Youth. To show that if we as parents.docx#_msocom_5″>[RW5], caregivers, or American Citizens, don’t.docx#_msocom_6″>[RW6] get involved in this growing
epidemic, that the youth of today will lose the battles of living beyond their
50’s. It’s up to each of us to make a
difference in our youth today. Let’s do our part and
take 30 minutes of our time to exercise with our youth. .docx#_msocom_7″>[RW7]C.
Guiding Questions – Are Fast Food companies such as; McDonald’s Burger
King, and Pizza Hut; just to name a few, solely to blame for the growing
epidemic of increased weight gains of America’s Youth? And more important, can we as a Nation, get
healthy eating back into the households of Americans as a whole. Gone are the days of Sunday dinners where the
meal plan was; Baked Chicken, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes with gravy, a Dinner
Roll, and Sweet Potato Pie. Today our
youth feast.docx#_msocom_8″>[RW8] on; Big Mac’s, Super-size Fries, a
large drink, and two Apple Pies. Our
youth can’t continue to eat this way.
Will you do your part?

Significance of this Study – Based on the findings of this research paper,
it is intended to make more of American parents, caregivers, and custodians,
more aware of the growing number of Obese Youth in America today that are
experiencing more and more health problems.docx#_msocom_9″>[RW9].
and point, just recently a Former White House Doctor, Dr. Connie Mariano
released a statement to the media stating, that because of New Jersey Governor
Christopher Christie weight problem that he would not be a likely candidate for
President of the United States.docx#_msocom_10″>[RW10]. So, in this study readers will find that
the implications of this research reach as high as the heights of the
Commander-In-Chief of the United States of America..docx#_msocom_11″>[RW11]

II. Methodology – The Methods used in
this research of Obesity of America’s Youth will be based onAnalytical Data and Statistical Correlations.docx#_msocom_12″>[RW12]that will allow readers to
picture on a geographical scale the rising rates of Obesity Among America’s
Youth. The findings in this research
paper will be fact-based, and will dig at the root causes of the growing
epidemic. .docx#_msocom_13″>[RW13]

Theoretical Framework – Based on the facts of this research, it is
intended to prove that given the rate in which our youth are gaining weight,
that if America’s parents, caregivers, and custodians do take action now, that
our youth will truly lose the battle of the budge. The actions that we exemplify will help our
youth for years to come. We must not
think of this initiative as a weight loss program, but as a way to get our
youth back to a healthy way of living.

Role of the Researcher – The role of this research is to broaden the
knowledge of the individuals entrusted to safeguard the futures of America’s
Youth. Given the research that shall be
presented in these findings, it shall enable you to take charge of your
collective households, and streamline a process to gain back our youth. This research begins and ends with a
commitment to fight for America’s Youth.

C. Data Collection Strategies –
“The news correspondents obtained a quote from the research from the University
of Wisconsin, “We screened 471 children (ages 5-8) from Wisconsin
communities. Screenings included anthropometric and body fat measures and
non-fasting lipid and glucose via fingerstick blood samples. Records from Women
Infants and Children (WIC) programs and clinic charts provided data on
children’s BMI trajectories, maternal prenatal factors, and the early postnatal
feeding environment. Forty-seven percent of children were overweight or obese.
Children’s BMI category is determined in the early post-natal environment,
within the 1 year of life, by factors including excess gestational weight gain
and early termination of breastfeeding.”
“New Findings from University of Wisconsin in the Area of Obesity,
Fitness and Wellness Described.”.docx#_msocom_14″>[RW14]

D. Data Analysis Strategies – “Analysis of
growth trajectories showed that children’s BMI category was largely determined
within the 1 year of life. Significant predictors of children’s BMI category at
age 1 included macrosomia (OR 4.38), excess gestational weight gain (OR 1.64)
and early termination of breastfeeding (OR 1.66). Children who were
overweight/obese at age 1 had greater odds of being overweight (OR 3.42) or
obese (OR 3.36), and having unhealthy levels of body fat (OR 2.95) and LDL
cholesterol (OR 1.64) at ages 5-8”.
“New Findings from University of Wisconsin in the Area of Obesity,
Fitness and Wellness Described.“.docx#_msocom_15″>[RW15]

E. Methods of achieving Validity
– Through the research of various titles
and noted Medical Doctors, the information herewith in shall be comprised of
fact-based and informative details from the individuals that can best answer
the question; “Why are America’s Youth growing at an enormous rate.

III. Findings

A. Relationship to Literature – “Where will our
Soldiers, and Sailors, and Airmen come from?
Where will our policemen and Firemen come from if the youngsters today
are on a trajectory that says they will be obese, laden with cardiovascular
disease, increased cancers and a host of other diseases when they reach
adulthood”? “Richard Carmona, the U.S. General Surgeon”. “The Fattening of America, How the Economy
Makes Us Fat, If It Matters, and What to Do About It” page 155

.docx#_msocom_16″>[RW16] B. Relationship to Theory – “As much as we all wish there were only
one thing in the fight against fat we could point to and eliminate, there
isn’t. Whether you look at individuals
or at our society as a whole, the cause is complex. It’s the sum total of all our little daily
decisions that results in us eating a little too much and moving too little”.
“The Weight of the Nation, To Win We Have to Lose” page 7.docx#_msocom_17″>[RW17]

Relationship to Practice – “As a parent, caregiver, or guardian, the
smartest way to deal with the delicate balance is to stress healthy eating
instead of dieting. Most importantly,
parents must practice what they preach.” “Our Children’s Health, America’s Kids
in Nutritional Crisis and What We Can Do To Help Them”.docx#_msocom_18″>[RW18]

Plan.docx#_msocom_19″>[RW19]– Base on this research of the Obesity of America’s Youth, dating back to
the year 2002. Gathered will information
from noted Doctors in the field of Medical Science, Child psychiatry, and
Medical Medicine. The Management Plan of this research
paper is to Plan, Do, Study, and Act.
Let’s Plan to make America’s Youth more Healthy. Let us Do what the First Lady has enacted to
Do. Let’s Study the results of our
findings in a community effort. And
Let’s make a total commitment to Act upon the courses that will be set before
us. Again, this Management Plan starts
with YOU..docx#_msocom_20″>[RW20]

References –

“New Findings from University of Wisconsin in the Area of Obesity,
Fitness and Wellness Described.” Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week 19
Jan. 2013: 85. General OneFile. Web. 9 Feb. 2013.

“Our Children’s Health, America’s
Kids in Nutritional Crisis and What We Can Do To Help Them”. Bonnie C. Minsky, with Dr. Lisa E. Holk,
Vital Health Publishing, 2002.

“The Fattening of America, How the
Economy Makes Us Fat, If It Matters, and What to Do About It”. Eric A. Finkelstein and Laurie Zuckerman,
John Wiley & Sons, 2008.

“The Weight of the Nation, To Win We
Have to Lose”. John Hoffman & Judith
A. Salerno, with Alexandra Moss, St. Martin’s Press, 2012.

.docx#_msocom_21″>[RW21] .docx#_msocom_22″>[RW22] VI. Appendixes

should be in APA Format

are your cited references

sounds very inflammatory and you need to properly cite it

who? You have to answer the “so what” question… who cares about your research?

are writing from the perspective of a researcher

not contractions in formal papers

but you are not writing a campaign script but a formal research paper …



needs to be cited – you run the risk of plagiarism – even if it is
unintentional – please be careful…

so? You need to clarify this – this is a
bold statement.

is good but make sure this matches your intent and your proposed methodology..

will need to explain this in detail – are you using qualitative methods?
Quantitative? Mixed methods? How will you organize and collect the data?

does this fit into your study???

looks like cut and paste – please make sure you understand what it means and
its significance to your study…

is this related to the existing literature… ?

revisit the purpose of this in your book – How does your study relate to the
theory that you are basing your study on….?

see above and apply it to this section…

include feasibility

Management Plan’s purpose was to assist you as you plan HOW you will carry out
the project – such as week by week description

initial lit review of peer reviewed resources (EBSCO is a great start) – it
will inform your research – you will learn who has already done what you are
proposing to do and also help you identify the gaps in the literature
(implications for further research) which will help you frame your

needs to be in APA Format

or if you use any instruments or ancillary documents, please include them here…

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