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Are we dependent on

I had an easy task to
pick a topic on this essay since we live in the 21st century, where
pretty much everything is based on computers. I mean we just have to look
around while we walk on campus to one class from another. People are carrying
and using their phones, tablets, laptops, and all these amazing accessories. It
doesn’t really matter if it is for entertainment purposes or business use.
People use them. We all bond and belong to these computer based things in some
way. If computers wouldn’t be around us and around companies, then we and
companies wouldn’t be that successful in many ways.

Mainly computers run most of the modern world
of the 21st century. It is
actually really hard to find any electronics, that doesn’t have any kind of
computer chip in it. It has the benefits of making our life easier and simple,
but, should computers run our life?

Computers are essential part of our life for
both entertainment and business purposes. The internet or World Wide Web is
also a huge advantage of the computers. The internet provides quick access
towards any questions that we have in mind or either if we just would like to
talk to a beloved family member, watch a video, or to follow the news.

Computer has the freedom, people would and want
to take advantage on it. Using the computers to do various tasks can be really
good thing and helping us people on many ways. I think about the computers as
it frees up the human mind, to be more creative and effective in different
ways. We don’t have to spend all our free time organizing and looking and trying
to find for information. Computers gave us the possibility of connecting people
from around the world. Also, good things
that are accelerated by computers are such as; engine light in your car, the
settings on your phone, calculators, televisions, chips in the lost beloved
dogs and cats or pets and many more.
These things are amazing not to mention the police records that are stored
on computers as well. I would say these things are clearly supportive for our

The cons of the computer based people. Depends on
how much time we spend in front of the computer. As I said it is a very useful
tool probably the most useful thing that has been created in world history, but,
people can become obsessed with all these super featured computers and they can
suffer in health wise. They become lazy and they let the computers do everything
instead. So it is a very powerful tool, but, it can be the most dangerous, addictive
thing too.

Addiction starts with the possibilities of the
computer can offer us. Computer can run videogames, play music, and many more
for entertainment purposes. Computerization of our society can make us virtual
for each other, where we just sit in front of our safe little bubbles deal,
talk with each other instead of face to face and having the actual
conversation. This can cause huge socialization problems. Computer can create a comfort zone to us,
because we just sit behind it and enjoying the moment. The other reason why it
can be a really dangerous a tool, computers allowed us to put our identity on
computers. We do everything on computers: money transactions, credit checks,
looking for job opportunities. Computers also replace a lot of jobs that could
be given to any human beings on this planet, at some point it is more likely
that computers will take over the world, and leave nothing for us people to do
really soon. Mathematics are the best example, computers can solve problems
instead of us. Sitting around and getting lazier while we let computers to do
things instead of ourselves, we become lazy which can affect our health. We get
lazy because, we are comfortable with the possibilities of entertainments that
a computer can offer to us. Laziness can lead us to health problems.

Laziness usually leads to gain weight. Gaining
weight can cause low self-esteem problems in social life. If we have low
self-esteem, we feel unhappy around people. That is when people get addicted to
their computers. Instead of facing the problems, they sit down to their
computers. People that are addicted to computers tries do everything on
computer such as; gambling, social life, movies, music, games even their food
that is where they order the food for themselves. They don’t care about
exercising anymore they feel safe in their little bubble, because no one can
see them. This leads to being overweight. Overweight people are usually
depressed. People who are depressed don’t want to do anything else other than
stay in their comfort zone. Computers are creating comfort zones for people
where no one can judge and see them by the way they look or feel.

In nutshells I would say yes we really depend
on computers as of today. As I mentioned, since I came to the United States I
haven’t seen one person without their cellphones, which is a personal computer.
If we are not aware of our actions we will end up being controlled by computers
and robots in around 20 years. Computers are making our life easier with its
simplicity and effectiveness. We can have anything on a computer in one place
at one time. Such as; pictures, videos, articles and our personal information
as well. It only takes no more than 2 minutes to bring up all our personal
things. The effectiveness of computers brought the people to a computer dependent world. As I mentioned
it has the advantages, but, we have to be aware of our actions in order to stay
healthy, and only make the most important things on computers. Otherwise we
will end up being lazy. Life has more beautiful things to offer than a

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