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 Selection Committee;DirectionsYou are a member of a selection committee at a local hospital with an ambulatory care facility that is shopping around for a new healthcare information system. It is your responsibility to research the following three healthcare information systems and provide feedback to the committee: EpicCare EMR, NextGen EMR/EHR and Meditech EMR.

  • List the types of products that each vendor offers (for example, Ambulatory or Inpatient) and what your initial impression is of each vendor’s products.
  • Rank each product and decide which one you would most likely select to implement in your hospital and ambulatory care facility.

Complete the assignment on a one page document that is in either a bulleted or numbered list. You may use two columns if so desired, one for the product types and the second for it’s ranking.

question 2; System Implementation Timeline

Based on the selection that you made in LP4.1 Assignment: Selection Committee

create a system implementation timeline for the information system project undertaken in LP4.1 Assignment: Selection Committee. Include specific tasks and how long it would take for them to be completed (including dates). Review Chapter 16 in the textbook to refresh your memory on the tasks that must be completed during the implementation phase of an information system project. This overview should be about a page in length and it should include any references that were used in APA format.

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Title: you-are-a-member-of-a-selection-committee-at-a-local-hospital-with

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