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4: Diploma in Business and Administrative Management:

Module Name: Managing Operations and Quality:

for completing your assignment:

Your assignment must be based on your own working practice or
on examples drawn from one or several organizations with which you are

You are employed as the Director of the Operations for a
profitable medium sized UK Company employing 200 people producing a range of
specialist garden power tools for the domestic market. These are retailed to
the trade and public through large out of town “Do It Yourself”(DIY) stores,
garden centers and agricultural merchants under their ‘own name’ brand. However,
whilst the DIY stores offer a facility for shopping on-line with home delivery
or store collection, your board of Directors has asked you to prepare a
briefing paper regarding the implications for managing operations of
introducing online sales to home and overseas customers from the company’s own
interest website. These would be branded products produced to an upgraded
specification within an extended product range, whilst continuingproduction for
its customers at established outlets.

Your responsibilities cover production operations,
purchasing, inventory, quality and distribution through Departmental Managers.
All products are presently produced at the company’s on-site factory, which is
operating near capacity and with limited space for increasing inventory.
Components are sourced from home and overseas suppliers, labor relations with
unions and employees are good, with established models of communication and a
task centered working culture embracing flexible working practices.

Your role is to ensure the company can fulfill its production
and quality commitments for a new branded product range while maintaining
existing production should the broad approve a move to on-line business.

You must now write a briefing paper for the company’s Broad
of Directors that examines the implications for operations of expanding output
to provide for Internet sales whilst maintaining the company’s good reputation
and satisfying the needs for internal and external customers.

Your Briefing Paper must include

Activities involving operations management and
relationship to other business functions

The relationship of operations to business
performance and internal measures of success

The importance of administration for managing
operations, the supply chain and quality

The activities involved in and approaches to
quality management

How quality management supports performance and
can be used to evaluate performance

An evaluation of the impact on operations
management of introducing and implementing changes to enable selling on-line
while maintaining a high level of customers satisfaction

Special notes:

Word Limit 2000/2500

Harvard Referencing

In Text
referencing and Reference list is Required

At least 10 Harvard
Referencing is required

Reference must be from
books, journals, articles, magazines, newspapers and online sources.

Apply concepts and
working practice through the use of relevant contemporary organizational

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Title: your-assignment-must-be-based-on-your-own-working-practice-or-on-examples-drawn

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