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Your final (comprehensive) Research Project paper must
include the following sections:

Title Page and Abstract

A title page should include the research project topic,
author, and date. The abstract must provide a summary of the paper, including
the business challenge, major issues, recommended solution, and business
benefits. The summary should cover the items identified in Appendix A:
Strategic Management Grid.

· When
preparing to write your abstract, remember an abstract is a brief summary (between
150-250 words) of the paper, allowing readers to quickly review the main points
and purpose of the paper. It tends to be
the last item written for the paper.

Statement of the Business Scenario

This section includes a concise statement of the major
problems, issues, or opportunities that you are investigating as they relate to
the business scenario. A business
scenario can relate to your personal work surroundings. For example, if you are a nurse working on a
unit or in the emergency department, think about the area you work in and
challenges that occur with patient care that could be addressed by using
healthcare technology.

· Example –
Healthcare XYZ is dealing with medication errors and they want to implement
Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) to resolve this issue….. In this section you will want to describe the
business (healthcare organization) organization, the issue and how you will
resolve that issue through using healthcare technology.

· Please note
that utilizing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records
(EHR) as the healthcare technology is too broad for this research project. However, utilizing components of Electronic
Medical Records or Electronic Health Records are appropriate. Some examples of Electronic Medical Records
or Electronic Health Records include Scheduling, Registration Medication
Reconciliation, Surgery, Emergency, Lab, etc.

Analysis of the Organizations and Business Processes

This section should provide a detailed analysis of the
causes of the problems, issues, or opportunities identified in the business
scenario that you have chosen. In this section your objective is to clearly
illustrate the knowledge you have gained in this class and reference course
concepts and research to understand and solve the problem studied. In this section you should include issues
with your business scenario’s organizational/departmental management,
organizational/department structure, and current utilizing of information

· When reviewing your organization you may
want to perform a mini SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and
threats to assist you in developing this section of your paper. Please refer to online references to utilize
SWOT analysis.

· What are the main policies and procedures
utilized to run the department you work in?
What are the inner workings of how things are organized and run? What are some work flow analyses of some of
the procedural flows?

Analysis of the Requirements for a Solution to the Business

This section should provide a detailed analysis of the
inputs (data that you would enter into a computer system), processes (are there
alerts in place based on the data that was entered into the system do tasks
alert providers of functions they need to perform on the patient based on data
entered) and outputs (reports) for the information system solution you have
chosen. You must come up with values for the weighted objectives to assist in
assessing how the organization is going to choose one of the three vendor
options. For example an organization may
consider the objectives of; the cost of the system, customer service provided
by the vendor of the system, and compatibility with other systems in their
decision making process. A comparison
will be done between the systems as a component of your final project.

· At this
point in your paper you will need to identify how the organization will compare
viable vendor solutions to resolve their issue.
What are must haves for the organization (see appendix A sample in doc
sharing) when choosing a vendor solution?
You must explain and how the organization will rank each of the
objectives and why they have determined that one objective is more important to
the organization than the others. It can
be helpful to consider the data that will be inputted into the system and the
data that will be extracted (reports, studies, etc.).

Discussion of Healthcare Application System Solutions

This section should indicate at least three possible
solutions to the problems, issues, or opportunities. The advantages and
disadvantages of each solution should be discussed against a set of weighted
objectives, established in the previous section and supported from current
literature. The results of the evaluation must be presented in Appendix B.

· You should
be focusing on three viable solutions that could be utilized by the
organization. Research the solutions and
notate how solutions perform in business settings. How have other healthcare organizations
utilized the solutions? Are they a
trusted solution? What are some of the
challenges the solution may have? How is
the solution supported by the vendor?

Recommended Solution and Implementation Issues

This section should recommend a solution to the problems,
issues, or opportunities with justification for its selection, including the
benefits. The potential implementation issues for this solution should be
discussed and supported by current literature.

· Based on
weighted objective and the organization’s needs, what is the recommended
solution for this organization and why?
What are areas of concern when planning out an implementation strategy?


This section documents the sources used in the research
report. At least 10 citations from at least seven resources must be included in
APA style.

Appendices: Strategic Information Systems Grid, Comparison
of Solutions

This attachment includes a copy of the strategic information
systems grid you developed during your research , as well as the comparison of
solutions you considered (Attachment B).

The paper should be researched with no fewer than 10
citations from at least seven sources. Use APA style for references.

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